Hello Camp Shutout!

If you are visiting our site, and this banner is up, we are planning on hosting Camp Shutout in both June (Grand Rapids, MI) and July (Stevens Point, WI). We are constantly monitoring the unprecedented situation all of us find ourselves in and, health permitting, plan on delivering you the best in GK training over these two week-long periods.

ClarkKeeperTraining.com June 21-26
Campshutout.com July 19-24

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Listen to the latest Inside The 18 Podcast

Inside the 18 is your source for all things Goalkeeping! In this episode, Mike, Omar and Trevor are joined by guest Stan Anderson. Stan discusses how his world famous goalkeeper camp, Camp Shutout, came to be and what it takes to run a successful camp. We are really excited about this because we will be headlining the camp and recording an episode of Inside the 18 during the camp! If you're interested in participating in Camp Shutout, Click Here to Sign Up!

Watch the Official 2017 Camp Shutout Big Show Residential Camp Video

Watch the Official 2017 Camp Shutout Big Show Residential Camp Launch Video

Endorsements From The Pros

“Camp Shutout is flat out the best goalkeeping camp in the country. The atmosphere that Stan has created through the facilities, staff and entertainment is second to none. If you are aspiring to become a top level goalkeeper CS is the place to be.”Matthew Pyzdrowski  
Helsingborgs IF