Important Camp Shutout Update - July 2020

A decision has been made to move Camp Shutout (Lil Big Show) to Franksville, WI (Racine area) and turn it into a week-long day camp (July 19 - July 23) in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. What does this mean for you?

If you have already purchased the full-price ticket: You will be receiving a partial refund.
If you have paid the deposit ticket: You will need to purchase the Deposit Remainder ticket (at a reduced balance) on Eventbrite. This is due on or before July 19th, 2020.
If you no longer wish to attend CSO 2020: We will be offering a full refund minus $100 for costs incurred.
If you are not signed up and are interested in our new day camp: Click the "Register Now" button to purchase the new ticket on Eventbrite for $599.


SCORe Soccer Complex
9509 Dunkelow Rd, Franksville, WI

COVID-19 Protocols:
In order to keep everyone safe, the following measures will be taking place on site (however not limited to the following):

* We will be taking temperatures throughout the day. Understanding it will be hot so we will adjust accordingly. (before training, after a cool down etc. )
* We ask that you to wear your mask from the car to the session and take it off once your coach instructs to do so. Same after the session to your rest area. No masks will be worn during training.
* We will conduct as much training as possible via physical distance.
* Please bring a spray bottle with water to be used to wet your gloves. No spitting on gloves.
* Please bring and label your water or beverage of choice with your name. Please do not share your drink with anyone else. We will have a limited supply of extra bottled water on hand.
* There will be no communal food provided. Keepers must supply their own meals during camp.

**All keepers must bring their own meals, snacks and water.**


2PM - Registration
4PM - Rules and Regulations
5PM - On Field
6:30PM - Depart

9-11AM - Training
11AM-1PM - Lunch, Rest and Recover (this lunch break is monitored by staff)
1-3PM - Training
3PM - Depart

9-11AM - Training
11AM-1PM - Lunch, Rest and Recover (this lunch break is monitored by staff)
1-4:30PM - Final Training Session
4:30PM - Depart

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Inside the 18 is your source for all things Goalkeeping! In this episode, Mike, Omar and Trevor are joined by guest Stan Anderson. Stan discusses how his world famous goalkeeper camp, Camp Shutout, came to be and what it takes to run a successful camp. We are really excited about this because we will be headlining the camp and recording an episode of Inside the 18 during the camp! If you're interested in participating in Camp Shutout, Click Here to Sign Up!

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Endorsements From The Pros

“Camp Shutout is flat out the best goalkeeping camp in the country. The atmosphere that Stan has created through the facilities, staff and entertainment is second to none. If you are aspiring to become a top level goalkeeper CS is the place to be.”Matthew Pyzdrowski  
Helsingborgs IF