Illinois HS Class 3A Girls Soccer State Championship

A nice note from Allison Norenberg is below regarding yesterdays Illinois State Championship. Congrats to Nicole D’Agostino on the result and to Allison for pulling her team to the state final.
Keep your soccer stories coming!


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From: Allison Norenberg
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Thank You Stan! I appreciate it!!

Hinsdale recieved a great performance from Nicole D’Agostino. She had a great game. I thought I recoginized her from some where…haha.

Thanks again! I can’t wait to come to Camp Shutout!! I’m counting down the days!!!

See you then!
Allison Norenberg

From: Anderson, Stanley
Subject: Fw: Illinois HS Class 3A Girls Soccer State Championship
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Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 4:01 PM

Camp Shutout Keepers,

Here is a good article on two Camp Shutout goalkeepers who will be facing each other today in the Illinois Class 3A State Championship.

As you will read, Allison Norenberg (Fremd) is the keeper who pulled her team through via PK’s. Nicole D’Agostino (Hinsdale Central) is the other keeper. (There was more mention of Nicole in the Chicago Tribune hard copy edition)

Congrats to both keepers….perhaps a bit of Camp Shutout bragging rights on the line today!

Good luck to both Allison and Nicole.

Camp Shutout

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