Breaking News – Camp Shutout has an new/improved location for Summer 2012!

Camp Shutout,
We have thought long and hard for a long time about how to best serve you, the Camp Shutout goalkeeper. I mentioned in July that exciting things are happening within Camp Shutout. We discussed and decided to take into account all aspects that are important to you. Those components are: Staff, surface, cost, location, on-line poll, competition in camp, location that wants us (yes, Marquette was great to us and still still wanted us), length of camp, lodging, proximity of lodging to training ground, meals, rest/recovery and more.

With all of this in mind we have chosen to move Camp Shutout to Stevens Point, WI for summer 2012. (2 hours Northwest of Milwaukee)

Below you will find the details that went into the decision:

Staff…all staff are on board for the move to Stevens Point..will be on site 24/7 and we will continue to work with Fire GK/CS staff member Sean Johnson. (always dependent on his Fire schedule)

Surface…the surface at the PCYS facility is grass and is first rate…I have hosted Camp Shutout Road Shows there for 4 years.

Cost…you will see a minimal (potentially no) increase in Camp Shutout costs. We will have more details specific to this matter in early 2012.

Location…The PCYS soccer-specific facility in Stevens Point is thick/natural grass/in a nice side-by-side field set up with plenty of provided shade. It is a great learning environment as we will not be far from one another but PLENTY of space to train. Flying in will still be available to MKE or a regional airport in Stevens Point.

On-line poll…in an earlier poll…we had over a hundred respondents and 90% expressed the desire to follow Camp Shutout should we move. Thanks.

Competition in camp…this is a year to year scenario but I will say that enrollment and competition has increased each year since 1989. We will provide the coaching and environment, you provide the magic.

Location that wants us…Eric Wiberg and the community are making this happen for Camp Shutout…the people in Stevens Point want us in Stevens Point!

Lodging…We could not ask for a better arrangement than a top notch hotel that is helping Camp Shutout with this move, air conditioning, proper beds, in-room bathroom/shower and all amenities associated with a quality hotel. Holiday Inn Stevens Point Parents are welcome to look into staying a night or two if you choose…or more.

Length of camp…I do not anticipate anything changing here…always open to thoughts.

Proximity of lodging to training ground…we are closer to the training ground than we were at Marquette and it is a safe/short walk.

Meals…we have access to our own sponsored meals as well as the hotel kitchen.

Rest/recovery and more…this is a big point for you the GK…the hotel will provide the proper rest and recovery you need for a challenging week of GK training. Air conditioning, nice bed, proper bathrooms, hotel amenities, meeting space, inclement weather video opportunities and more.

Lastly, if desired, we can discuss a remote check-in and bus (ex: Gurnee) for the Illinois GK. Illinois and Wisconsin GK’s make up 80+% of camp Shutout enrollment so we will plan on leaving no stone unturned to make this transition a comfortable one.

As always we are open to all thoughts…please email me at

Keep training and working hard!

Stan Anderson
Camp Shutout
Twitter: @soccer_coach