Camp Shutout injured GKs

HUGE props to those GK’S that are still making the trek to Camp Shutout after suffering an injury this week or this month. There is so much to learn by being in the environment, taking notes, using non – injured part of your body, teaching young roosters, etc. Goes a long way! See you Sunday.

A couple days away!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Sunday…I will look at any challenge you/we have this week, on or off the field, as an opportunity. We are blessed to be training with a great staff and a great amount of goalkeepers.

2013 Camp Shutout Remainder Tickets

Hello Campers! Camp will be here shortly. If you have paid a deposit, we will need to collect your remainder. We have setup 3 ways to pay: 1. Pay online at the following link:  For the Advanced Session  Pay online at the following link:  For the Youth Session  2. Pay by check via mail. Please make checks payable to: Camp …

5 GK’s Registered on May 15

Less deposit tickets and less full price tickets to Camp Shutout available today…that is 5 more GK’s that will be learning how to become better GK’s this summer! Thankful! Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.